Standing Chapter 13 Trustee

Middle District of Pennsylvania


The information on this page is offered for the convenience of the attorneys practicing in the Middle District of PA. Some information on this page may change from time to time. While we will do our best to update this information as necessary, the information contained herein does not bind our office in any way and may be changed without notice at our discretion. If in doubt, you are encouraged to contact the court or our office.


Certification Regarding Domestic Support Obligation(s) pdf doc
Motion to Dismiss for Material Default Stipulation pdf doc
Authorization to Release Information (conduits) pdf doc
Certification of Business Debtor pdf doc
Sample Income & Expense Statement pdf doc
Declaration Concerning Unfiled Tax Returns pdf doc


Creditors' MeetingsThurs., Dec. 29:00-11:00 amZoom
Confirmation HearingsTues., Dec. 79:30 amWilkes-Barre
Confirmation HearingsWed., Dec. 89:30 amHarrisburg
Creditors' MeetingsMon., Dec. 1310:00-12:00 noonZoom
Creditors' MeetingsThurs., Dec. 169:00-11:00 amZoom
Confirmation HearingsWed., Dec. 229:30 amHarrisburg
Creditors' MeetingsMon., Dec. 2710:00-12:00 noonZoom
Creditors' MeetingsThurs., Jan 69:00-10:00 amZoom
Creditors' MeetingsMon., Jan. 1010:00-11:00 amZoom
Confirmation HearingsWed., Jan. 129:30 amHarrisburg
Creditors' MeetingsThurs., Jan. 209:00-10:00 amZoom
Creditors' MeetingsMon., Jan. 2410:00-11:00 amZoom
Confirmation HearingsTues. Jan. 259:30 amWilkes-Barre
Confirmation HearingsWed., Jan. 269:30 amHarrisburg


The disbursement dates are generally scheduled for the third week of each month. However, at times due to circumstances beyond our control or other reasons, funds may not be disbursed according to this schedule.

If you want to receive your attorney's fees sooner through direct deposit to your account, complete this form and forward it to Judy at jhaubert@pamd13trustee.com. She can provide any further information to get you signed up.