For Debtors

We advise debtors to seek the advice of counsel for legal questions.  The staff of the Chapter 13 Trustee's Office cannot provide legal advice.  Our staff is not familiar enough with all of your background to properly provide legal advice to you. Further, our interests may be different in many situations.  While we may be able to help you with some procedural questions, you would be much better served by consulting your attorney with important legal questions.

Pro Se Debtors

While you may have chosen to represent yourself in this legal matter, we recommend that you consult legal counsel to avoid unwanted results.  If you continue to represent yourself, we will presume you know the law and related procedures.  Our staff cannot provide legal advice.  We urge you to review the Bankruptcy Court's Self Help Program by clicking here if you do not have an attorney.

Section 341 Meeting of Creditors Procedures

All Chapter 13 debtors are required to appear under oath at a meeting conducted by the Trustee, pursuant to § 341 of the Bankruptcy Code.  These Meetings are conducted via Zoom.  You will be advised of the day and time of your meeting through a notice sent to you by the Bankruptcy Clerk.  During the meeting, you will be examined by the Trustee and any creditors that may appear.

  • Please click here for the Meeting Link for Trustee Zaharopoulos.
  • Download the Zoom application if you are you using your phone or tablet.
  • Please see the best practices for Section 341 Meetings by clicking here.
  • If you need to copy and paste the link for your Section 341 meeting, the link is:

Tips for your Meeting:

  • Use your computer, tablet or mobile phone and make sure you are familiar with using BOTH audio and video.
  • About 5 minutes prior to your scheduled meeting, open your Zoom meeting using the meeting link.
  • Make sure that your settings for both camera and speaker are on and do not have a red line through either.
  • Wait for the Trustee's representative to start the meeting.  Up to 15 different meetings may be scheduled within an hour.  Be patient.  You may need to wait for an hour or more depending upon where you are scheduled on the list.
  • This technology is easy to use!  If you have any questions or want to practice before the meeting, contact your attorney.  He or she should be experienced in the use of Zoom and can walk you through any uncertainties.

Track Your Case Status

You can track the status of plan payments, disbursements to creditors and other important information regarding your case at either of the following websites:

Just follow the instructions provided at either site to sign up at no charge.